Spalted Myrtle | Burl slab | live edge | DIY craft woods | 21-0265-bs

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21-0265-BS Spalted Myrtle slab. Cut: 26x14x3 inches. Dead for 5 years. Let this slab acclimate to your area for a couple months. Work it, use it but no finish until dry.

I have over 1000 quilted, curly, burl and figured grain pieces. Mostly Redwood, Myrtle, Maple and Poplar. As I am on the coast most are not totally dry. Of course the best pieces always sell first wet or dry.

I have been cutting and selling burl woods from the Eureka Calif. area for over 55 years
now, and still learn something new about the woods every few days.
Get to me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking, George Buck