Live edge redwood slab | river table | dining table | rustic desk

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BSZ9000  Old growth redwood curly slab cut 124" x 44" x 2.5". Great headboard, wall sculpture, river table, burl table etc.

Dead for at least 100 years and may have been a living tree at the time of Christ.  Not totally dry yet. Give it a few months to acclimate to your area. 

Sold unfinished but could be finished for $600 extra.  That will take an extra 8 weeks and I only use satin poly finishes. If you want a picture of the other side please ask. 

NOTE shipping is not free or $1 as I need zip code to get a ship quote. Not as high as you would think. 

I have been cutting and selling burl from around Eureka, Calif. for over 54 years now and still love it. Thanks for looking, George Buck