live edge slab | Poplar burl | River table | Resin table | p-102

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Poplar burl slab |  live edge wood | DIY wood crafts | p-102
Maple cookie cuts

p-102  Poplar cluster burl slab. Cut 109x23x2'' in Eureka, Calif. Dead for 6 months and not dry yet. Let this slab acclimate to your area for about 2to3 months. Work it, use it but no finish untill dry.
NOTE shipping of this slab is or free or $1 as I need zip code for shipping quote. 

I have been cutting and selling live edge woods like Poplar, Redwood, Maple, Myrtle, Willow and some Buckeye, Madrone, Oak etc. from the Eureka Calif. area for 58 years and still learn something new about our native woods every few days.
If  you have more quwstions get to me and thanks for looking, George Buck