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BL-5007  Redwood lace burl block cut 18x18x4.6''. Solid lace burl.  Dead for 100 years and must acclamate to your area for at least 6 months.  Very rare block. 

Shipping is $95 in the lower 48 states and extra if out of them. 

I have been cutting Redwood, Maple, Poplar, Myrtle etc  burl here in Eureka Calif for over 58 years now and still enjoy the variety of woods up here.  I have thousands of slabs and blocks so get to me if you have any requests.  It is hard to do any orders for less than $200 as it takes hours just to find a spacific piece you may want. I have a large scrap pile of cut off pieces that I give people access to for usually free if they are getting wood from me and you were here to get it yourself.  

 Thanks for looking, George Buck