wood turning | spalted Myrtle burl | craft woods - blz570

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Spalted Myrtle wood burl turning block, bowl turning, craft woods etc. .

Dead for 10 years and may have been a living tree 100 years ago. and not dry. Give it a month or 2 to acclimate to your area.

I have 800 more so ask. I do give good discounts if the deal is big enough. Up to around 50% off my prices.

Cut 15 x 14 x 12'' As in all salvaged woods be aware of bugs. I have poisoned them if I see holes.

Shipping out of the lower 48 states will be extra.

I have been cutting and selling woods here on the North Coast in Eureka ca for over 53 years now and still love it. I am, if not the oldest, than one of the oldest guys left in the business.

Thanks for looking, George Buck