Collection: Dining | Counters | Desks

We supply redwood that works well for counter tops, bars, and islands. Depending on our inventory, we also have oak, madrone, maple, buckeye, and myrtle wood. In this section, you will see redwood slabs that have live edges. Generally, there are lives edges on one side, so that there is a flat side to go against the wall to be used as a counter top. But, we also have slabs in this section with live edges on both sides. These are best used as bar tops and islands. This section also features longer and more narrow slabs that tend to be 20-30″ wide and 2-3″ thick. Any grain can be featured on these redwood slabs, and they are each unique!
Customize your own
If you would like to customize a piece, let us know how we can help you!