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Redwood Burl Source

Live Edge Curly | Kitchen Table | Bar | Counter | Desk | R23-0463

Live Edge Curly | Kitchen Table | Bar | Counter | Desk | R23-0463

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 R23-0463 Live edge redwood curly slab cut 105x31x2.75'' thick. Dead for at least 100 years
and may have been a living tree at the time of Christ. Not dry so give it several months to acclimate to your area.  Work it, use it but do not finish until dry. 

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have over 1000 quilted, curly, burl, and figured grain pieces. I have been collecting and selling live edge slabs from the Eureka, Calif. area for close to 60 years. I am one of the original old guys still around. Last week I cut seven slabs of lace burl 7'x4.5'. I cut Redwood, Poplar, Mappa burl, Maple, Myrtle, Walnut, Willow, Madrone, and other types of Curly and burly slabs. I do discount up to 55% in quantities. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and I also ship to most parts of the world.

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