Myrtle burl | Bay Laural block | DIY wood crafts | wood turning | bl-5023

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BL-5023 Myrtle turning blank 12x12x6'' thick.  The cross that Jesus died on was made of Myrtle also which only grows in western United states and Isreal.  Not dry as it was a live tree 1 year ago. Let this block acclamate for several months untill dry.  Work it but no finish. 

l will be cutting 30 tons of Myrtle burl in the next couple month. 
NOTE shipping is $45 in the lower 48 states.

I do discount up to 15% to 60% in larger quantities.

I have been cutting and selling Redwood, Maple, Myrtle, Poplar etc burls and logs from the Eureka Calif area in northern Calif for almost 60 years now. Get to me if you have any questions or want more pictures. Thanks for looking, George Buck